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5 Best Cordless Drills for Metalworking – Powerful & High Torque

As a professional metalworker, you need a powerful cordless drill to cope with the toughest work requirements. It can significantly enhance your productivity and precision along with the comfort of use. Whether you want to perform drilling holes, driving screws, or fastening various types of metal for multiple applications, it makes the work easier.

There are many cordless drills available on the tech market from both big and small brands, but picking the best one can be tricky. You don’t need to worry; here is a quick solution to get you out of trouble. We tested several high-quality cordless drills against different metal materials on the basis of their build quality, motor power, torque, and other specifications. Finally, picked the best cordless drills for metalworking.

Let’s walk through this guide thoroughly to choose the best one!

Factors to Consider Before Buying

While purchasing the cordless drill for metal, you should consider various technical factors. This will help significantly to opt for the best one for your needs. The most important factors are:

1.    Power  and Torque

The first and foremost factor is the power and torque rating. The more powerful the motor, the best results, even with the most rigid metal material. Plus, the torque rating is also dispensable for spinning the chuck and bit accurately to bore into metal. Find a drill with a highly powerful motor and torque rate.

2.    Speed and control

Speed and control determine how easy and efficient the power tool is. Always look for the cordless drill with variable speeds and control over speed settings. You can choose the desired and required speed according to your tasks and materials. The speed and control adjustment also prevent you from fatigue during extended working sessions.

3.    Chuck size

Chuck size is also an essential factor to be considered for metal drilling and driving. You should consider the large chuck size for metalworking. If the chuck size is large, it allows using the larger bit for multiple tasks. Chick size comes in two different sizes, ½ inches, and ¾ inches. The larger size is best if you want to use your cordless drill for a wide range of applications.

4.    Weight and Ergonomics

Weighing and ergonomics are also important considerations. Since cordless drills are handheld tools, they should be compact, lightweight, and easy to grip. When purchasing, you should pay particular attention to the weight. A heavyweight drill can be tiresome if you have a long project.

5.    Battery Life

Last but not least is the battery life. The battery is the primary source for battery-powered drills that enables you to work continuously without any intervals. Therefore, to look for a cordless drill model, you must check the battery should be the latest lithium-ion that offers a longer run time. If the drill has two batteries, it can be more convenient to work with.

Best Cordless Drills for Metalworking

Brand & Model Power & Torque Customer Review Value for Money
DEWALT (DCD777C2) 300 Watts, 500 Inch Pounds 4.8 Not mentioned
Makita XFD131 350 Watts, 440 Inch Pounds 4.8 $138
Bosch GSR18V-190B22 850 Watts, 480 Inch Pounds 4.7 Not mentioned
TECCPO Power Drill 95 watts, 530 Inch Pounds 4.6 $55
WORKPRO Pink 203 in-Lbs 4.8 $59

1- DEWALT (DCD777C2) (Best Cordless Drill for Metalworking)

Main Specifications

  • Max Rotation Speed: 1750 RPM
  • Torque Rating: ‎500 Inch Pounds
  • Voltage: 20 Volts
  • Chuck Size: 20 Millimeters
  • Weight: 2.6 pounds


DEWALT is a dominating king in the tech industry, ruling over various brands for decades due to its reliable and durable power tools. DEWALT (DCD777C2) is one of the top-of-the-line models in the latest catalog. This compact cordless drill comes in a 7.52” front-to-back size with 2.6 pounds that are easy to use even in hard-to-reach places.

This motor is equipped with the latest, most powerful brushless technology, significantly benefiting you compared to brushed motors. It offers excellent run time and longevity. It stands with you as a long-term companion. Additionally, it has a squeezing trigger that enables you to adjust the speed respectively. You can adjust the speed according to your requirement for drilling and driving.

Moreover, the fabulous ergonomic handle offers a strong grip and enables you to work conveniently. The LED footlight enhances visibility and focuses on your target, even in darker areas.


  • Variable speed adjustment.
  • Powerful brushless motor
  • LED footlight enhances visibility.
  • Compact and lightweight


2- Makita XFD131 Driver-Drill Kit

Main Specifications

  • Max Rotation Speed: 1900 RPM
  • Torque Rating: 440 Inch Pounds
  • Voltage: 18 Volts
  • Chuck Size: ‎13 Millimeters
  • Weight: 7.25 pounds

Makita XFD131 Driver-Drill Kit

In our extended research of a few days, we love the Makita XFD131 drill/driver kit due to its fantastic speed control variables. While working on various metal materials, we have experienced the significant advantages of low (0-500) and high (0-1900) rotational speeds in drilling and driving as well.

It’s the best high-torque cordless drill with 440 lbs torque speed that offers great accuracy and precision, especially on metal materials. Additionally, it comes with a robust brushless motor that increases the battery time up to 2x by electric optimization. As a result, the long run time helps you to accomplish your urgent tasks without distortion.

Above all else, the 3.0 Ah 18V lithium-ion battery provides excellent performance and distortion-free workflow with quick recharge capabilities so you can continue working after only a few minutes of charging. Although it’s a bit pricier, it’s with the price.


  • 0 Ah 18V lithium-ion battery provides maximum power juice.
  • Dual variable rotation speed.
  • Aesthetically attractive build quality.
  • Brushless motor optimized battery to 2x.


A bit pricier for budget buyers.

3- Bosch GSR18V 190B22 Drill/Driver Kit

Main Specifications

  • Max Rotation Speed: 1700 RPM
  • Torque Rating: 480 inches lbs
  • Voltage: 18 V
  • Chuck Size: 13 Millimeters
  • Weight: 2.75 Pounds

Bosch GSR18V 190B22

If you are looking for the best powerful cordless drill for metalworking, look no further than the Bosch GSR18V 190B22 drill/driver. Bosch is an industry-leading brand that manufactures reliable and powerful tools. 190B22 drill/driver also delivers unmatched performance that helps you to enhance your creativity and productivity while handling the different metal materials.

It offers variable speed adjustments from low (0-450) to higher (0-1700) RPM for various applications. You can adjust the preferable speed according to your tasks’ nature.

It is also equipped with 480 inches lbs higher rating, enabling you to handle the toughest tasks easily. Plus, 21 clutch settings enable you to adjust it according to drilling, driving, and fastening requirements.

The LED light is a superb addition that benefits a lot while working in dark and shady areas and help you to focus on the targeted place to drill and drive. It also enhances accuracy and precision even in darker areas.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Higher torque rating.
  • LED light enhances visibility and focus.
  • Best value for money


  • The battery could be better.

4- TECCPO TDCD03P Cordless Drill

Main Specifications

  • Max Rotation Speed: 1700 RPM
  • Torque Rating: 530 In-lbs
  • Voltage: 20 V
  • Chuck Size: ‎13 Millimeters
  • Weight: 3.3 Pounds

TECCPO TDCD03P Cordless Drill

Are you tight on budget and wish to have a rich-featured pack cordless drill at a cost-effective price? Here’s the kicker, TECCPO TDCD03P is an unrivaled partner that offers all bells and whistles you would expect from an expensive premium quality cordless drill.

Compared to an average plastic ¾” chuck, it has a high-quality ½” metal chuck that is not only durable but also performs well for drilling, driving, and fastening. Replace or fix the bit properly is now no issue with this fabulous chuck. Additionally, it consists of a forward/reverse button that has the capability to move the drill/drive bit forward and backward while drilling or screwing.

A powerful 4-pole copper motor ensures 25% longer operation and more stable performance than a 2-pole motor. Furthermore, 530 In-lbs torque rating, 24+1 torque settings, and dual speed variables allow you to adjust the speed and torque according to your work and material.

Top of all that 2000 mAh battery provides you with plenty of power juice to be with you in extended working hours, and 2A unmatched fastest charger offers quick charging within minutes. It considers the best budget-friendly cordless drill for metalworking.


  • Powerful 4-pole copper motor performs marvelously.
  • 24+1 torque settings enhance the accuracy.
  • 2000 mAh battery provides plenty of power juice.
  • 2A ultra-fast charger.
  • Durable metal-made chuck.


  • The plastic case of accessories seems delicate.

5- WORKPRO Pink Cordless Drill

Main Specifications

  • Max Rotation Speed: 1500 RPM
  • Torque Rating: 203 in-Lbs
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Chuck Size: 10 millimeters
  • Weight: 77 pounds

WORKPRO Pink Cordless Drill

Whether a DIY enthusiast or a pro metal worker, you require a cordless drill with high power and torque. Now say goodbye to old and conventional drills and hello to the latest and aesthetically pleasing Workpro Pink cordless drill/driver.

It’s a fantastic cordless drill with an attractive and durable build quality with an eye-catching color combination of pink and black. It’s beneficial for working with all types of soft and hard materials and is easy to use due to being lightweight and compact for men and women alike.

The dual speed setting and (0-400)RPM for drilling on soft material and driving and (0-1500)RPM for wood or metal drilling. It provides 21+1 torque positions that can be adjusted according to the preferred torque rating. Plus, it features a large 3/8″(10mm) keyless chuck that allows you to replace the drill bits frequently and easily and ensures better bit retention. The rechargeable battery provides you with a long run time and quick charge within a few minutes, enabling you to work smoothly. The rubber handle gives you a strong and convenient grip during extended work sessions.


  • LED light illuminates the workplace.
  • Offers 20+1 torque adjustment.
  • Variable two-speed setting.
  • Keyless chuck makes replacing and fixing drill bits easy.


  • At the start, it creates bit sparks due to the carbon brush motor.


Brand & Model Power & Torque Customer Review Value for Money
DEWALT (DCD777C2) 300 Watts, 500 Inch Pounds 4.8 Not mentioned
Makita XFD131 350 Watts, 440 Inch Pounds 4.8 $138
Bosch GSR18V-190B22 850 Watts, 480 Inch Pounds 4.7 Not mentioned
TECCPO Power Drill 95 watts, 530 Inch Pounds 4.6 $55
WORKPRO Pink 203 in-Lbs 4.8 $59

Power & Torque

DEWALT (DCD777C2) ‎: 300 Watts, ‎500 Inch Pounds

Makita XFD131: 350 Watts, 440 Inch Pounds

Bosch GSR18V-190B22: ‎850 Watts, ‎480 Inch Pounds

TECCPO Power Drill: ‎95 watts, ‎530 Inch Pounds

WORKPRO Pink: 203 in-Lbs

Have a look at the above diagram; the Dewalt and Bosch are going side by side in terms of motor power and torque rating. Although Makita, TECCPO, and Workpro cordless drills are lower than the farmer, they are good to go for metalworking. Due to high power and torque, they are accurate drilling and driving screws in all metal materials.

Customer Review

Here, we present the tools based on their popularity among customers. Additionally, we have counted all customer reviews, regardless of whether they are positive or negative. Finally, we have sketched this chart to guide you in choosing the best cordless drill.

DEWALT (DCD777C2)     4.8

Makita XFD131          4.8

Bosch GSR18V-190B22          4.7

TECCPO Power Drill          4.6

WORKPRO Pink         4.8

Dewalt, Makita, and WORKPRO are similar in popularity among customers due to their rich and efficient features. They perform excellently in metalworking. Bosch and TECCPO are a bit lower but still top-rated among DIY enthusiasts and professionals as well.

Value for money

In this diagram. We are going to show the price difference between all selected cordless drills. All the brands put on the price of these power tools on the basis of their technical specs, performance, and accessories. Have a look at the following chart.

DEWALT (DCD777C2): Not mentioned

Makita XFD131: $138

Bosch GSR18V-190B22: not mentioned

TECCPO Power Drill: $55

WORKPRO Pink: $59

We have mentioned the price difference at the end of detailed reviews and performance comparisons of all power tools. Dewalt and Makita are a little pricier, but they are worth the price due to their fabulous features. TECCPO and WORKPRO Pink are the best value for money. They also have excellent features to work accurately. All these efforts are made to give you thorough knowledge about these tools in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

1- Can cordless drills drill metal?

Cordless drills can drill metal using the specific drill bit and appropriate speed settings. For metal drilling, the motor should be highly powerful as well as torque rating.

2- What is the best drill bit to drill metal?

For cutting metal, high-speed steel (HSS) and cobalt drill bits work best, as they have a high resistance to heat and remain sharp for a more extended period.

3- Can a 20V drill go through metal?

By choosing the right drill bit and speed adjustments, a 20V drill can penetrate metal. With a 20V drill, you can drill through most metals, but the right speed and torque settings may vary depending on the thickness and hardness of the metal.

4- What is the toughest drill bit for metal?

High-speed steel and cobalt are among the toughest drill bits used for drilling through rigid metal materials due to their ability to withstand high heat and abrasion.

5- Are cordless drills powerful enough?

Cordless drills are powerful enough to handle most drilling and driving tasks, especially those for DIY and household use. The latest cordless drills can produce enough torque and speed to work with a wide variety of materials because they are powered by lithium-ion batteries and powerful motors.

6- What Colour drill bit is for metal?

Metalworking drill bits are typically black because they are coated with black oxide and are usually pointed-headed to drill into the toughest metal materials.


We have researched and tested our top picks extensively to present the final picture of them with detailed results. We took into consideration various factors, including technical specs, features, performance, brand reputation, in-box accessories, and price. If you go through this precise and detailed guide, you will be able to choose the best one according to your preference and budget.

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