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5 Best Drills for Jewelry Making (2023) – Gemstone Dremels

best drills for jewelry making

Being a jewelry artist or hobbyist, if you want to elevate your jewelry-making skill, a high-quality drill is an indispensable tool. Crafting intricate wearables is not only a delicate task but also needs precision and accuracy. To craft the jewelry, you need to do diversified tasks: drilling, drabbing, grinding, sanding, honing, and polishing. The jewelry-making … Read more

Can We Use WD40 as Cutting Oil – My Test Results

wd40 as cutting oil

Whether you are drilling, milling, or doing lathe operations. You always you are always concerned with the final finish of your product. There are a lot of factors that may contribute to the final finish of your workpiece. These include cutting speed, cutting tool, feed rate, the material being used, and finally the most important … Read more

What is Drill Wobble (Not Spinning Straight) – Fixed It!

drill wobble

Does your drill wobble and not spin straight? This is not an uncommon occurrence. Drill wobbles also called “drill runout,” are frequent problems among DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Fortunately, it can be resolved.  In this blog post, we’ll explore What’s Drill Wobble (Doesn’t Spin Straight)  and how you can fix It yourself with a few … Read more