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Worx Battery Compatibility Chart – Cross with Dewalt

As a seasoned pro or a DIY enthusiast, you would love to have tools that bring seamless performance. In the realm of power tools, their cross-compatibility is considered as crucial as their credibility. So, before interchanging different brand tools and batteries, you should be tech-savvy or expert in handling them.

Wait wait! If you are not tech-savvy, it doesn’t mean you can never use these tools effectively. We have the solution to your challenging issue. Here, we have come up with a detailed Worx battery compatibility chart crossed with Dewalt and other well-known tool brands. We will not only explain their compatibility but also provide effective methods to make them universal.

Let’s dive into the insights!

Explanation of Battery Compatibility

Every brand engineers its batteries on a specific blueprint and structures them in a particular way to meet the needs of its brand-specific tools. In the Worx batteries case, the situation is also the same. But despite it, if you want to check their compatibility with off-brand tools, you should consider the different specifications of the Worx batteries. Here is a thorough breakdown of these specs and features that make Worx batteries cross-brand interchangeable.

1- Design Compatibility

The overall design and structure of the Worx batteries are considered the primary factors that make them unique and brand-specific. These are particularly designed for use within Worx tools; in design, you can consider these factors:

2- Latches Structure

  • Worx structured the build quality and design of latches according to the specific design of Worx tools. The latches’ particular design enables the batteries to fit perfectly in tools and ensures efficient power juice transfer from batteries to tools.
  • Mainly, latches are the source of easy fixation and disengagement that provides you with a quick change facility as well as stability during usage.

3- Metal Terminals

  • The connectors/metal terminals play a vital role in establishing a proper electrical connection between the battery and the tool.
  • Worx designs the battery connectors in a particular quantity that equals its tools. Usually, batteries of other brands come with five connectors; the Worx batteries generally have four connectors. When the batteries have the proper count and size of connectors according to tools, they align perfectly and ensure a consistent power flow between the battery and tool.

4- Mounting

  • The mounting capability of batteries is designed according to the tool cavity. This mechanism creates a better correspondence between the tool and the battery while working.
  • This snug fit ensures the credibility and longevity of both the tool and battery because it prevents any movement and wobbling while using it on high-demanding applications. It can provide seamless performance of the tool.

5- Chemistry

The chemical compatibility of batteries is pivotal when interchanging them within brands as well as cross-brands. You should consider this factor before using the Worx batteries. Today the power tools come with two types of batteries:

Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd):

  • Ni-Cd batteries are a bit old but still used in various tools. These are known for durability and ability to handle high discharge rates.
  • They offer a consistent and precise voltage throughout the discharge cycle. So, make sure to use Ni-Cd batteries with tools that are only compatible with Ni-Cd batteries because it’s the requirement of the specific characteristics of this chemistry.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

  • Li-Ion batteries are the latest version, which are more powerful and durable with high energy density.
  • They boost a higher voltage rating and AMP hours compared to Ni-Cd batteries.
  • You can get the maximum advantages of Worx tools due to their long battery life and quick charging turnaround. Therefore, use the Li-ion batteries with tools that require Li-ion batteries. It’s not only necessary for their longevity but also for security.

Types of Worx Batteries Available

The Worx Li-ion batteries can be classified based on two factors:

Voltage and Amperage Hour

a- Voltage Rating

Voltage is a measuring scale that shows how much electrical potential the battery has. It’s crucial to check if the battery voltage rating matches the specific tool. The tool performs well If the battery power output is compatible with the tool in which it is used. Regarding Worx batteries, they come with different voltage ratings to use specifically with different ranges of Worx tools.

b- Amperage Hour (Ah) Capacity

Amperage hour capacity denotes the specific energy a battery can hold and transfer to a particular tool per hour. The higher the Ah rating, the longer the runtime. Therefore, choose the Ah capacity according to the tool as well for the application you need to use this tool for.

1- Worx Powershare 20V 2.0Ah MAX Lithium-ion Battery

The 20v Worx Powershare batteries come with a 2.0 Ah power capacity and can be used with all Worx max power tools that are lightweight and compact. This battery has enough power to work on light applications.

2- Worx Powershare 20V 4.0Ah MAX Lithium-ion Battery

The Worx 20V max li-ion batteries that consist of a 4.0 Ah capacity are specifically designed to be used with large tools that require high power to work. If you want to work on rigid material of large workpieces, you can use these max batteries in almost all big Worx power tools that require 20V batteries.

3- Worx Powershare 20V 6.0Ah MAX Lithium-ion Battery

These Worx batteries boast a 20V pairing with a 6.0Ah power capacity. This higher power makes them best used for highly demanding applications and offers a longer run time while working on extended sessions.

4- Worx Powershare 20V 4.0Ah MAX Pro Lithium-ion Battery

The Worx powershare batteries with a 20 Voltage rating plus 4.0 Ah capacity are considered the right fit for the Worx Max Pro tools.

5- Worx Powershare 20V 5.0Ah MAX Pro Lithium-ion Battery

Worx Powershare batteries that come with an outstanding 20V along with a higher power capacity of 5.0Ah can be your go-to source for Max Pro tools that are large and highly demanding.

Worx – Worx Compatibility

When it comes to brand-specific compatibility, the Worx batteries are considered a unique catalog among its peers and competitors. The specific design and structure matter a lot when interchanging brands. The Worx batteries are classified into different types based on chemistry and voltage or amperage per hour.  Let’s analyze how Worx batteries are compatible with its brand-specific tools.

Worx Lithium-ion Batteries Worx Tools
Worx Powershare 20V 2.0Ah MAX All Worx 20V tools
Worx Powershare 20V 4.0Ah MAX All Worx 20V tools
Worx Powershare 20V 6.0Ah MAX All Worx 20V tools
Worx Powershare 20V 4.0Ah MAX All Worx 20V tools
Worx Powershare 20V 5.0Ah MAX All Worx 20V tools

Worx – Other Brand Compatibility

Worx batteries have unique styles, structures, features, and specs. To use them interchangeably with cross-brands depends on their compatibility with different off-brand tools.

To save you from experimenting and trying the diversified brands of the tech tool industry, we have tried and tested them in extensive research and compiled this analysis chart for you.

This comparison table helps you to define your requirements and use tools that are entirely compatible with Worx batteries.

Compatibility with Brands Worx 20V 2.0Ah Max Worx 20V 4.0Ah Max Worx 20V 6.0Ah Max Worx 20V 4.0Ah Max Pro Worx 20V 5.0Ah Max Pro
Black & Decker

Pro Tip: The Worx batteries are incompatible with cross-branded tools. To enable them to cross-interchanging, you should opt for a compatible adapter.

A Solution to Battery Compatibility

(Cross-Brand Battery Adapter)

If you want to streamline battery usage across different brands, the cross-brand battery adapter provides a versatile solution. This adapter builds up the Worx batteries compatibility within diversified brands.

No more need for brand-specific batteries, and pay the jaw-dropping price for premium batteries. Instead, Worx offers a cost-effective and convenient power solution. Worx batteries are not interchangeable with all brands after using adapters. For some brands, it is restricted to changing the batteries or tools as well.

Therefore, Worx uses different adapters for different brand compatibility. Let’s explore how many brands you can use Worx batteries by using a cross-brand battery adapter.

Worx batteries can be cross-interchanged with other brand tools by using a specific cross-brand adapter. Just make sure to use batteries with the same voltage rating according to the tools’ requirements.


In this realm of power tools, where you are most concerned with the reliability and authenticity of power tools, compatibility also seems a crucial concern. However, analyzing this compatibility is also time-consuming and hectic as well. To check it, you may read the manual guides of different manufacturers. But you can’t be satisfied until you use that tool yourself.

So, take a sigh of relief; we have saved you from that daunting struggle and provided you with the solution in this precise guide based on our practical research. Go through the Worx battery compatibility chart thoroughly, and surely, you can use Worx batteries with other compatible tools without any worries.

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