greenworks battery compatibility chart

Greenworks Battery Compatibility Chart – Cross with Dewalt

If you want to maximize the potential of your power tools, the cross-compatibility of batteries seems crucial for you. The versatility of batteries not only saves your money but also saves the time to manage multiple batteries and chargers.

If you are a lover of Greenworks Batteries and want to use them with Dewalt or other tools, this precise guide can be your roadmap. In this guide, we will take you toward the realm of Greenworks’ battery compatibility journey, where we cross paths with Dewalt and other famous brands.

So, let’s get started!

Explanation of Battery Compatibility

Battery compatibility is not just confined to plugging and playing. It’s an interaction between the design and chemistry. Actually, it’s an intricate system that can be a bit techy. Let’s break down the essential elements you should consider while checking the compatibility of your Greenworks batteries.

1- Design and Structure

Think about a music band in which every instrument plays a vital role in creating a symphony, same as this is the compatibility of the battery with the tool. In design and structure, you should analyze these things:

Latch Design

Like every brand, Greenworks also designs the latches of batteries in a specific way that can fit to the brand-specific tools. For a reliable connection, the latch design must be according to the tools.

These latches, also known as linchpins, are responsible for holding the battery firmly in place. They also eliminate any wobble or uncertainty during work. It enhances the user experience and makes it reliable. Moreover, they provide hassle-free insertion and swap of batteries.


If the latch design is perfectly according to the tool structure, then mounting can be easy and quick. The tool cavity adjusts the latches of the battery with unwavering strength. Greenworks engineers the tool cavity and mounting system strategically to keep stability and balance.

This ensures a solid connection that is crucial in every kind of task, whether it’s low-demand intricate woodwork or high-demanding construction projects.

2- Chemistry

every Greenworks battery is engineered with specific chemistry that not only enables your battery to power up but also ensures its performance and longevity.

Green Works introduces different catalogs of batteries to cater to the diverse needs of tools.

In cordless power tools, two types of batteries are common. Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) and Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion).

Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd)

Nickel-cadmium batteries are the oldest form of batteries, yet these batteries are used and considered the workhorses of the battery world. These are also known for their reliability as well as robustness. They provide steady and reliable power energy. So, before using a Ni-Cd battery with a tool, make sure the tool supports these types of batteries.

3- Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)

In the ever-evolving tech market, the Lithium-Ion batteries are a result of innovative technology. These efficient batteries consist of lightweight power. These batteries provide longer run time as well as fast charging. With the latest powerful tools, Li-ion batteries are the best choice. So be careful while using it with any tool. Analyze its compatibility with specific tools that will be safe for the tool and battery as well.

Types of Greenworks Batteries Available

Types of batteries are categorized based on voltage and amperage hour rating. Greenworks boasts of its diversified types of batteries, with a whole catalog in each category. Let’s break down these categories.

1- Voltage Rating

Voltage is the measuring scale of the battery’s energy. A battery’s voltage shows you how much power juice it can induce to your power tool. The higher the voltage, the more power it delivers. For instance, a higher voltage provides higher torque and makes your tool capable of working on harder and bigger workpieces efficiently.

2- Amprege Hour (Ah) Rating

Amp-hour presents the battery’s charging capacity. It’s a measuring scale to show how much power it can store. A higher Ah rating means it can power up your tool for more extended use with less frequent charging.

Diversified Range of Greenworks Batteries

1- 24V Batteries Lithium-ion Battery

24 batteries are ideal for small to medium tools, it can be compatible with up to 30 24V Greenwork tools. The available range in 24V batteries is 2Ah, 3 Ah, and 4 Ah.

The 3 Ah, power up the tool more than 2 Ah, and 4Ah batteries can 2X the power time. These outstanding batteries also provide fast charging.

2- 40V Batteries Lithium-ion Battery

40V are specifically engineered to deliver more power to medium-sized tools than 24V batteries; they keep the tools light and maneuverable. The 4oV batteries also have a diversified range of batteries that are compatible with more than 24 Greenworks 40V tools.

40V battery range is available in 2 Ah, 2.5 Ah, and 4 Ah. These batteries provide longer runtime and higher speeds and produce less noise with greater efficiency.

3- 60V Batteries Lithium-ion Battery

The GreenWorks 60V batteries are ideal for heavy-duty and demanding applications. Being lightweight beasts, these batteries stand firm with large tools in the long run, and you can work in worry worry-free environment without frequent charging.

The 60V range is available in 2Ah, 3 Ah, 4 Ah, 5 Ah, and 6 Ah. You can choose the amperage rating as per your tool and task requirements.

Greenworks – Greenworks Compatibility

Regarding brand-specific compatibility, the Greenworks batteries are specifically designed to the unique requirements of Greenworks tools. Greenworks classified its unique catalogs that make it unparalleled among its peers and competitors. The design and structure compatibility matters to a greater extent when you want to analyze the interchanging ability of different brands.

The Greenworks batteries are classified into different types based on chemistry and voltage or amperage per hour.  Let’s dive deeper to see the Greenworks batteries’ compatibility with its brand-specific tools.

Greenworks Lithium-ion Batteries Greenworks Tools
Greenworks 24V 2.0Ah Greenworks 24V/48V tools
Greenworks  24V 3.0Ah Greenworks 24V/48V tools
Greenworks 24V 4.0Ah Greenworks 24V/48V tools
Greenworks 40V 2.0Ah Greenworks 40V tools
Greenworks 40V 2.5 Ah Greenworks 40V tools
Greenworks 40V 4.0 Ah Greenworks 40V tools
Greenworks 60V 2.0 Ah Greenworks 60V tools
Greenworks 40V 3.0 Ah Greenworks 60V tools
Greenworks 40V 4.0 Ah Greenworks 60V tools
Greenworks 40V 5.0 Ah Greenworks 60V tools
Greenworks 40V 6.0 Ah Greenworks 60V tools

Greenworks – Other Brand Compatibility

Greenworks batteries boast of their unique build quality, structures, mechanism, and specs. Analyze its cross-brand interchangeability through its compatibility with different off-brand tools. The tech tool industry is piled up with dozens of tool brands, and to do effective experimenting requires much time and a heavy budget as well.

Therefore, to provide you ease, we have tested diversified well-known brand tools with Greenworks batteries. We have compiled a list of tools that are or aren’t compatible with Greenwork batteries. Check out the detailed chart below to save you from the hassle of extensive research.

Compatibility with Brands Greenworks 24V 2Ah, 3 Ah, 4 Ah Greenworks 40V 2Ah, 2.5 Ah. 4 Ah Greenworks 40V 2Ah, 3 Ah, 4 Ah, 5 Ah, 6 Ah
Black & Decker


Pro Tip: The Greeworks batteries are incompatible with cross-branded tools. To enable them to cross-interchanging, you should opt for a compatible adapter.

The Solution to Battery Compatibility

(Greeworks Battery Adapter)

When it comes to the battery cross-brand compatibility, the compatible adapter is considered the alone solution. It enables you to use the Greeworks batteries with different brand tools. These cross-brand adapters make your batteries universal, and you get a lot more out of your power tools and batteries as well.

Now, don’t pay extra dollars to buy brand-specific costly batteries. Instead, choose Greenworks batteries at 2x lesser cost without burning a hole in your pocket. These batteries are not only cost-effective but also have the specs and features of premium batteries.

Although manufacturers restrict users from cross-brand interchange of the batteries, if you can do so, it can void your tool or battery warranty. Now, it’s your responsibility to use the off-brand batteries.

To date, there is only a Greenworks battery-compatible adapter with Dewalt available.


Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned Professional, you need compatible batteries to cater to different tools and tasks. To save you from challenging, costly, extensive research, we provide a detailed overview in this precise guide. You can assess the GreenWorks battery compatibility cross with Dewalt and other brands at a glance.

But to learn the criteria on which we can check the compatibility of batteries with off-broad tools, you need to go through this guide thoroughly. After reading it thoroughly, hopefully, without being tech-savvy, you can make decisions like a pro.

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