DeWALT DCF787 vs DCF887

DeWALT DCF787 vs DCF887 – Only Major Difference

Being a handyman, you would love to save yourself from the hassle of manually hammering and driving the long screws, nuts, and bolts on the hardest materials (wood, metal, & concrete).  For this purpose, the battery-powered impact driver plays a crucial role.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast, hobbyist, mechanic, or architect, the impact driver provides optimal advantages over manual work. DeWalt is an industry-leading brand that stands out among the crowd due to introducing a diversified range of impact drivers. Choosing the best from the whole dynamic lineup is a challenge, especially from DeWalt DCF787 and DCF887.

In this detailed guide, we have reviewed the DeWalt DCF787 vs DCF887 after thorough research and practical testing.

Let’s delve deeper to explore all their specs, features, pros, and cons.

DCF787 vs DCF887 Major Difference

The main difference between DCF787 vs DCF887 is that DCF887 has variable speed settings, higher torque speed, larger chuck size, and higher Amperage rating as compared to DCF787.

DeWALT DCF787 vs DCF887 Differences

Features DCF787 DCF887
Voltage 20 Volts 20 Volts
Amperage 1.3 AMPs 4 AMPs
Chuck Size 1/4-inch hex chuck 1/2-inch hex chuck
Torque 1500 inches/pounds 1825 inches/pounds
Speed 2800 RPM 1000, 2800, 3250 RPM
Variable Speed single Triple
Impact 3200 RPM
Material Blend Plastic
LED 1 3
Dimensions ‎12.5″L x 3.75″W x 9.81″H 16.22″L x 4.5″W x 10.1″H
Weight ‎4.4 pounds ‎7.4 pounds
Motor Type Brushless Brushless
Power Source Battery powered Battery powered
Battery Type Lithium-ion Lithium-ion

DeWalt DCF787


Are you fed up with driving screws, longer nuts, and bolts into harder wood, metal, and concrete surfaces? Here is the robust gear, DeWalt DCF787 brushless impact driver, your go-to companion.

It’s a cordless battery-powered tool that boasts of its compact design and is lightweight. Thanks to its small dimensions (12.5″L x 3.75″ W x 9.81″H) and 4.4 pounds weight that makes it is easy to carry and portable in your tool kit or backpack. Above all, delicate females also carry it conveniently for their DIY tasks.

While testing the DCF787, we have impressed by its high speed, 2800 RPM, and 1500 inches/pounds torque. The high speed and torque allow you to securely install and remove your nuts and bolts, especially lug nuts, without damaging them.

Its keyless chuck, with exceptional ¼ size, grips the bits firmly without shaking and dripping. You can handle it one-handed without wasting much time as compared to keyed chuck.

Additionally, the LED light enlightens the work area and illuminates after 20 seconds of leaving the trigger. You can work in darker areas without any inconvenience and with great efficiency and accuracy.

This superb quality impact driver comes equipped with an ergonomic handle that is easy to grip and convenient to use. Its flexibility allows you to work in hard-to-reach workplaces and narrow spaces of workpieces.

This featured rich impact driver comes in a cost-effective price note. Therefore to get this, you don’t need to break the bank.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Install and remove nuts, bolts, and screws efficiently.
  • The high torque of 1500 RPM.
  • The high speed makes it best for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Cost-effective gear with versatile features.


  • Its batteries don’t have LED power gauges.

DeWalt DCF887


If you are confused about seeing the DeWalt DCF787 and DCF 887, apparently that they are the same, you have to come in the right direction. Analyze the internal components of both to assume any opinion.

Although the DCB 887 comes with minor variations compared to DCF787, these changes are responsible for greater consequences. DeWalt is ever trying to win the tech marathon by incorporating innovative technologies into its tools. The DCB 887 is one of the outstanding examples.

It comes equipped with triple-speed variations (1000, 2800, and 3250 RPM). So, thanks to these innovative variations allow you to set the speed according to your task or work nature. You can tweak the speed setting according to your material needs. As softer material needs a low speed; on the other hand, rigid material demands a high speed to install or remove long lag nuts and bolts efficiently.

DCF887 boasts of its higher torque speed of 1825 RPM as compared to DCF787. The torque speed makes you capable of doing your work more fastly and frequently on every type of material. With this torque, the heavy-duty task is not more than a game of seconds.

Above all, this premium quality beast comes with three LED lights that illuminate after the 20-second while leaving the trigger. It helps you work even darker areas where the reach of external light is impossible.

Top of all that, this brushless impact driver has a high-end battery of 4.0 AMPs. it means it is 2X better and fast than DCF787. It gives you a longer run time without interrupting you between urgent projects.

Additionally, the ¼ Hex keyless chuck gives you the authority to fix and release the bit without any additional accessories. You can handle it with your hands and tight it firmly without any risk of slipping or dripping the bits while working. Although it’s a little pricier it is worth every penny.


  • ¼ Hex keyless chuck handle easily.
  • Higamperage output rating of the battery.
  • Triple-speed variations offer versatility.
  • A high torque rating is beneficial for heavy-duty projects.
  • Reliable and durable.


  • A bit expensive for budget buyers.

Considerable Technical Factors Before Buying

Whether you are a novice user, a hobbyist, or a pro, it’s essential to consider some technical factors before buying the best impact driver. So, let’s have a look and keep them in your mind before the final purchase.

1- Corded vs Cordless

Although it’s a primary reason, it all depends upon your preference. As far as the corded and cordless are concerned, both type of impact drivers has their own merits and demerits. The corded power tool is usually preferred for non-interruption activity without any fear of going out of power juice.

Contrarily, the cordless tools are portable and easy to use without the clutter of cords and wires. Although there might be battery discharging issues and it runs out of juice in the midst of an urgent task, if your cordless tools have two batteries, you can go far beyond expectations.

2- Voltage

Voltage is the basic factor to consider that determines the power of your impact driver. DeWalt manufactures power tools including 12V, 18V, and 20V. So you can choose the best for your work requirements. If you are a novice DIYer, household maker, or hobbyist, you can go for the 12V to 18V. Contrarily, if you are a professional handyman, you should opt for the 20V impact driver that can meet the needs of heavy-duty applications. The higher voltage affects the speed as well torque of your power tool.

3- Speed Variations

The speed variation is not much essential feature, but still, it’s better to get the best out of your impact driver. You can fulfill the tasks related to removing and installing various types of nuts and bolts. Hence, you have to take full command of the speed to use it perfectly.

On the other hand, Some applications need slow speed while other requires higher speed. Therefore, if the impact driver has different speed variation settings available, you can set it according to your caliber or work requirement as well.

4-Torque Speed Rating

The torque speed determines the spinning of the chuck and how much time the chuck spins in a minute. The higher the torque peed, the tool will be compatible with highly demanding projects. Firstly, consider your work requirement and then take a decision accordingly. It’s recommended to opt for the high torque speed rating that will be a future-proof tool for versatile applications.

5- Size & Weight

The size and weight of the hand-held tools matter to a greater extent. Whether you’re a wood wither, metal worker, architect, or handyman, you have to work in a prolonged working session. Therefore, the impact driver should be compact and lightweight. It can be easy to use, convenient to handle, and portable to take with you on job sites.

6- Price

Although price matters a lot, it depends on your budget and preferences. If you want a heavy-duty impact driver with a handful of superb features, you have to pay some extra dollars as compared to conventional and ordinary impact drivers that have slow speeds and lower voltages. Dewalt has launched many cost-effective impact drivers that can fulfill the basic work requirements; you can go for them if you are tight on budget. If cost is not an issue, you shouldn’t compromise on quality due to some pennies.


We have given you a detailed and unbiased review of the comparison between DeWalt DCF787 vs DCF887. Hopefully, we have answered all possible questions you encounter when it comes to doing a selection between DCF787 and DCF 887. After going through this guide, you will be able to make a valuable decision that provides you with exceptional advantages over ordinary and conventional impact drivers.

If you want a lightweight and cost-effective impact driver for your minor needs, go for DCF787. On the other hand, if you require a heavy-duty impact driver with high speed, torque, battery amperage, and other accessories, you should consider the DCF887. The choice is all yours!

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