Hart Tools Battery Compatibility

Hart Tools Battery Compatibility Chart – 20V, 40V & Cross

In today’s fast-paced era, machines have made human life more hassle-free than ever. Whether you are a pro architect, mechanic, hobbyist, or DIY enthusiast, the battery-powered tools are a must-have addition to your tool kit or workshop.

In the power tool industry, Hart is the leading powered tool brand that stands out among its peers under the umbrella of TechTronic Industries (TTI). To get the best out of your powered tools, battery compatibility plays a vital role. In terms of compatibility, Hart offers a fabulous range of batteries compatible with the diversified tool catalog.

To enhance your productivity, sharpen your efficiency, and get primal performance, we have explained the Hart tool battery Compatibility. Let’s delve into the realm of Hart batteries and explore its batteries (especially 20V & 40V) compatibility and cross interchangeability.

Explanation of Battery Compatibility

As far as the Hart battery compatibility is concerned, there are lots of factors that are considered essential for using the Hart battery with your power tools, such as design, construction, internal mechanism, and battery chemistry.

1- Design & Construction

The factor you must analyze while using the Hart battery with any tool is its design and construction. The Hart batteries are designed particularly for use with Hart cordless powered tools. The specifically engineered latches and locks are perfectly placed in the Hart tools. They firmly fit perfectly and function properly with their best compatible tools.

Their size and weight are also unique and vary from other brands. They might be bigger or smaller than other battery brands.

2- Chemistry

The battery’s chemistry is a crucial factor that makes your Hart battery the best fit for your tool. Hart tools use different batteries. Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), and Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) are the battery types. Although the Ni-Cd and Ni-MH are the older types of batteries, they are efficient, durable, and perform well with power tools.

The Li-ion batteries are designed with the latest technology that is more long-lasting, energy efficient, faster charging, and robust. Despite all features, you can only use a battery type with a specific tool compatible with your battery. You can’t use li-ion battery with a power tool that’s only compatible with Ni-cd battery.

3- Mechanism

The internal mechanism of Hart batteries is also unique to other peer and competitor brands. No matter what the chemistry type of your battery is, the internal cells, components, and connectors are arranged and placed in a special mechanical system. This mechanical system is controlled by a master controller, the battery management system (BMS).

The BMS determines how much current would flow to the cells according to their voltage, battery status, and current capacity. It manages the overcharging, overheating, and over-discharging of cells during charging as well as discharging.

This latest robust BMS determines which Hart tool is best compatible with Hart 20V or 40V batteries. The battery functions well and gives optimal performance when it’s entirely compatible with your power tool.

Detailed Cross Compatibility Chart

To give you an overview of our detailed analysis. Here is the comparison chart that helps you to check the cross-compatibility of Hart batteries with other brands’ tools.

Compatibility with Brands Hart 20V Battery Hart 40V Battery
Black & Decker
Ridgid  ❌  ❌

The Hart batteries are not directly compatible with other tool brands. For using Hart with other tools, you should have a compatible cross-brand adapter to maximize your Hart battery collection with multiple other tools.

Hart-Hart Compatibility

Hart manufactures different types of rechargeable and interchangeable batteries, including Ni-MH, Ni-cd, and Lithium-ion.

1- Brand-Specific Compatability

When it comes to compatibility, Hart offers just Hart-Hart compatibility. Hart has designed its batteries according to the capacity of its power tools. Hart offers a diversified range of almost 340 power tools, having a capacity of 20V & 40V.

The Hart batteries give optimal performance when using suitable Hart batteries with Hart tools with a similar voltage ratio and output current rating. The batteries, with similar specs, enable your tool to work for longer periods.

2- 20V Batteries

Hart allows you to use a 20V battery for the whole lineup of 20V Hart tools only. You can’t use a 20V battery with 40V tools because 40v tools require a larger amount of power, and the 20V battery is unable to provide the required power of the 40v tool. If you use the 20V battery to 40V tool, your tool might not function properly, or you may face safety hazards due to incompatibility.

3- 40V Batteries

Similarly, the 40V battery is usable and compatible with the entire catalog of 40V tools without any side effects or reactions. You can maximize the potential of multiple power tools with a single 40V battery. But you can’t use a 40V battery with a 20V power tool.

20V tools require lesser power, but the 40V battery transfer higher power. When you induce high power in your less capacity tool, it might be a great riskier. That’s why it’s crucial to use the appropriate battery according to your power tool capacity.

Hart – Other Brand Compatibility

Hart batteries are designed to work well and stand effectively with Hart power tools. They are different to a greater extent than other power tool brands. Primarily, Hart prefers to interchange the batteries within the limit of its own tool line. The cross-compatibility with other tool brands are not designated till now.

Although cross-compatibility is a cost-effective and convenient procedure, there might be risks that hinder the brands from designing their batteries universally. Therefore without any recommendation or instruction, don’t do it forcefully.

The Solution to Battery Compatibility

(Cross-brand battery adapter)

Despite being incompatible Hart batteries with different brands, do you still want to use your Hart battery for other tool brands or vice versa?

Here is a greater solution!

The cross-brand battery adapters. Yeah, you listen, right? Here are the various third-party batteries and cross-brand battery adapters that revolutionized this power tool industry. These adapters allow you to mix and match any battery brand with any tool brand.

This fabulous adapter works like a bridge between a diversified battery and an adapter of entirely different brands. It allows them to work together and gives an optimal performance, but between them, compatibility must be a considerable factor once again.

For using a cross-brand adapter, you should analyze the compatibility of the charger and adapter as well as the adapter and battery. If you are using a 20v Hart battery with a 40v tool of another brand, you should select the adapter that is able to convert the low voltage of the battery into the required voltage of the tool.

Pro Tip: be careful while choosing the cross-brand adapter. It should be compatible with the specs of the battery as well adapter. Make sure it can be fixed firmly with the battery and tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Can I use different battery HART tools?

You can’t use different batteries with Hart tools, as each brand has its unique battery line that is specially made for its own tools. Alternatively, you can use a cross-brand compatible adapter for full-fledge advantages.

2- Can you use a 40V battery in a 20V tool HART?

The 40V batteries are only able to interchange in the 20V tools’ whole catalog. You can’t use a 40V battery with a 20V tool due to its limited current capacity and low voltage ratio. If you use it, it might be a greater risk for the life of your battery or any major mishap of overheating or exploding the battery.

3- Do Ryobi batteries fit HART tools?

The answer is straightforward, No. Ryobi batteries don’t fit exactly in Hart tools. The Hart batteries are small in size than the Ryobi batteries. So, there is a greater difference in the design and construction of both brands.

4- Are Worx and HART batteries interchangeable?

Worx and Hart’s batteries are only interchangeable within their own brands’ entire catalog. Worx 20V batteries are only compatible with the Worx 20V tool lineup. Similarly, Hart 20V batteries are interchangeable within its whole 20V class of powered tools.

5- What batteries are interchangeable?

Mostly, the batteries are interchangeable within their own brand. Cross brand Interchangeability is not a common trend in brands. Hence a few brands launched this capability in their brands, but it’s a unique practice. For cross-interchanging the batteries, there would be complete compatibility of voltage, current, chemistry, and mechanism of battery and power tool as well.


Hart batteries are unrivaled among its peers and competitors. If you would love to use your Hart battery with other tool brands, you should know the proper compatibility of both your tool and battery as well.

In this descriptive guide, we have explored the different Hart Tool battery compatibility with brand-specific tools as well as other brand tools and tips to make them cross-brand compatible effectively. So go through it to get a thorough knowledge of Hart batteries compatibility and maximize the potential of your powered tools with Hart batteries.

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  1. Can I use a 40 volt 4ah battery in a mower that came with a 40 volt 6 ah to complete a short section of the yard? What would be the cutting time difference?

  2. I am into Harts battery tools and batteries; but Walmart is not offering tools without batteries so we don’t have to have a battery for every tool. (Expense)

    • Walmart offers plenty of tools without batteries. Usually I can spot the green “Battery and charger sold separately” message on roughly half the Hart tools for sale, at any Walmart I may be in. Here’s an image link of what to look out for. It stands out much more against the blue color of the boxes it will be on.


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