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Ferrex Battery Compatibility Chart – Cross with Dewalt

You may think about powering up your tools with outperforming batteries that are additionally cost-effective. For decades, the Ferrex battery has been playing this role very effectively in the tech tool industry. This compact battery is very light for your tool as well as your pocket. Above all, its universal compatibility provides you with outboard performance.

Before choosing and using Ferrex batteries, you should check out their compatibility with your power tool. If it seems a daunting task, let us unburden your shoulders. We have tried and tested these batteries with diversified tool brands and come up with detailed Ferrex battery compatibility charts crossed with Dewalt and other brands. Let’s break down its sublime compatibility.

Explanation of Battery Compatibility

If you want to analyze the Ferrex battery compatibility with your specific tools, you should consider a variety of factors that are crucial to match with one another. These factors determine whether your Ferrex battery is suitable for the particular tool you want to use it with. Let’s explore the key aspects of battery compatibility.

1- Building Structure

The first and foremost factor is the building structure of your specific battery and tool as well. Every brand manufactures and designs its tools, batteries, and accessories on a specific blueprint that makes this brand different from the others. Regarding design, we can categorize the Ferrex batteries into the following aspects.

a- Design

The overall design of your Ferrex battery, such as its shape, size, and structure, must align with your specification of a particular tool. The cavity and allocated spaces should support the tool to be fixed properly and work effectively.

b- Latches

Firstly, check out the latches and railing of the battery specifically engineered to be fixed in the brand-specific tools. This specific latching mechanism ensures the battery’s safer placement into the tool and makes it a better fit for tools to power them.

c- Connectors

The metal connectors of batteries play a pivotal role in battery compatibility with off-brand as well as brand-specific tools. To ensure the functionality of the electrical circuit, the battery connectors must attach in a proper arrangement with the tool connectors.

2- Chemistry

Batteries come in various chemistries, such as

  1. Lithium-ion (Li-ion),
  2. Nickel-metal Cadmium (Ni-cd),
  3. Alkaline.

Before using the battery with any tool, check out its cell types to see whether its chemistry matches with the tool or not. The battery chemistry seems crucial for safety and performance as well.

3- Mechanism

The internal mechanism of the Ferrex battery is engineered on innovative technology. This system consists of a battery management system that enables the battery to use the stored current for energy effectively saves the battery from fully discharging and also prevents the battery from overcharging.

This mechanism also consists of a particular voltage and power. So, check out these specifications before using Ferrex batteries with any specific tool brand for proper functioning.

a- Voltage

Check the tool’s voltage requirement before inserting the battery. The tools requirement is most crucial in this regard. It’s necessary to provide the right amount of electrical power to make your tool perform better and accurately.

Don’t use a lower voltage battery with a higher voltage tool because it may affect the performance of the tool and make it slower than its potential. On the other hand, also don’t insert a higher voltage battery into a lower voltage tool because it might be dangerous for both the tool and battery health and performance.

b- Amperage Hours

Amperage hours (AKA Ah) is a measuring scale of the amount of current that your battery contains in total and provides your tool on the whole per hour, for a sustainable performance power up your tool with a specific battery consisting of a proper amperage-hour rating for accuracy and precision.

Ferrex – Ferrex Compatibility

Regarding brand-specific compatibility, the Ferrex batteries are specifically engineered to work well with Ferrex tools. These batteries are interchangeable within their brand tools according to their voltage and Amps hours. You can use these batteries with a wide range of Ferrex tools. Let’s see how Ferrex batteries are compatible with its brand-specific tools.

Ferrex Lithium-ion Batteries Ferrex Tools
Ferrex 12V li-ion batteries Ferrex 12V tools
Ferrex 18V 1300Mah spare batteries Ferrex 18V tools
Ferrex 20V 1500 Mah spare batteries Ferrex 20V tools
Ferrex 20V/40V 1500 Mah spare batteries Ferrex 20V/40V  tools

Ferrex – Other Brand Compatibility

Ferrex battery’s uniqueness and style along with its particular design stands them apart from other brands. Using Ferrex batteries for cross-brand ensures compatibility with them.

Before choosing them, have a look at this detailed comparison table that enables you to differentiate the capability of your battery from your specific tool.

Compatibility with Brands Ferrex 12V Ferrex 18V Ferrex 20V Ferrex 20V/40V
Black & Decker

Pro Tip: The Ferrex batteries are incompatible with cross-branded tools. To enable them for cross-interchanging, you should have a compatible adapter.

Solution to Battery Compatibility

(Cross-brand Battery Adapter)

If you want to use the Ferrex battery as a cost-effective solution for your premium tools instead of costly brand-specific batteries, here is a groundbreaking solution.

The Cross Brand Battery Adapter!

For universal connectivity, this adapter plays a pivotal role and makes those batteries universal to use with diversified tool brands. This outstanding adapter allows you to interchange the batteries to different brands’ tool catalogs. This fantastic accessory not only provides an eco-friendly but also cost-effective solution.

Its user-friendly specs and features make the batteries fit your tool physically as well as mechanically. Save yourself to manage the clutter of different brand batteries and chargers, opt for a single solution, and make your workspace clear and mess-free with a cross-brand battery adapter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1- Are Ferrex and work zone batteries interchangeable?

Yes, Ferrex and work zone batteries are interchangeable. You just need a compatible cross-brand adapter to ensure their compatibility with one another tools.

2- Are Ferrex and Parkside batteries compatible?

When it comes to Ferrex and Parkside battery compatibility, you can go for a specific cross-brand battery adapter that can enhance the cross-brand compatibility of Ferrex and Parkside. You can use both brand batteries with one another easily and effectively.

3- What are Worx batteries compatible with?

Worx batteries are compatible with brand-specific 20V, 40V, and 80V Worx whole tool classes. And if you want to use Worx batteries with off-brand tools, you must opt for a cross-brand compatible adapter to ensure it’s compatible with them.


Battery compatibility seems to be an amazing exploration in the realm of power tools. Where you can experiment with different tool brands and their compatibility with budget-friendly batteries to save your wallet.

Premium brand batteries can sometimes cost you much more than sometimes more than buying a new tool. So in that amount, you can buy even 2-3 off-brand batteries. Ferrex batteries are the best solution that provides you with off-brand compatibility with the help of a cross-brand battery adapter. It’s considered like a blessing in disguise.

If you are confused, go through this ultimate guide in which we break down the Ferrex battery compatibility with different tool brands and explain tips and tricks to ensure its compatibility. After reading thoroughly hopefully, you would love to use these cost-effective batteries without compromising on quality.

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