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7 Worst Power Tool Brands You Should Avoid! – Comparison

In this latest tech era. Power tools overwhelmed conventional handy tools. They revolutionize man’s life and enable you to do hours of work in minutes. Therefore, you should opt for the best power tool brands to get benefitted exceptionally.

The best tool brand proves to be a game changer, taking your DIY & construction gaming to the next level. Contrarily, the worst tool brand leaves you frustrated when malfunctioning during essential projects. That’s why you should have keen insight into these brands before spending your hard-earned money on subpar tool brands.

To help you out in this confusing situation, we’ll walk you through a detailed analysis of the worst power tool brands, you avoid. This comparison guide enables you to avoid the worst and choose the best for your needs.

What a Power Tool Brand Should Have

Before buying a specific power tool, one should consider various aspects. Brand reliability is also considered a primary factor, along with the specs and features. The brand’s reliability is proven based on these factors:

1- Origin & History

An organization’s history and origin can be the first and most important criteria for proving its reliability. When roots are engraved in the past, a company becomes more reliable.

2- Material

Materials and stuff the brands use to manufacture their devices and power tools are the base of the whole structure. If the material is high-quality, the tool’s life span proves that the particular brand is best for others.

3- Durability & Reliability

A brand’s durability or reliability is responsible for standing it out among its competitors. If its devices and power tools are capable of standing for prolonged periods despite the routine wear and tear, they will prove to be the best. Additionally, the warranties and guarantees add more to the reliability of the products and attract more customers.

4- Innovation

Innovation is the key to the success of any brand and company. As the tech industry grows faster, brands have to adapt the new trends and innovative ideas to manufacture their products or power tool to pace with the marathon of success. Hence, those who manufacture innovative tools and upgrade the old ones become the most popular among the masses because only modern tools meet the requirements of the latest projects.

5- Customer Satisfaction

Customer support and satisfaction should be the primary responsibility of brands. Customer satisfaction is everything. The best brands win their client’s trust through humble and friendly customer care services. They help customers while shopping, answer their pre-shopping queries, and solve product-related issues. As such, customer support services bridge the gap between brands and customers.

7 Worst Power Tool Brands You Should Avoid

Comparatively, the worst power tools lack all the traits mentioned above. These brands are known for their subpar and low-quality tools. Unreliable products are the main culprits in defaming the brand’s reputation in the market. Here we have listed the 7 worst tool brands you should avoid wasting your hard-earned money on.

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1. Sear

Sear was founded in 1886, but at that time, it dealt with wristwatches. It faced many ups and downs after the years and then boomed up again in 1995. It deals with automobiles and for household items such as electric appliances, electronic equipment, and home heating and cooling systems.

Gradually, the quality of products goes down with the passing years. People also complain about its customer care services.

The manufacturer claims to engineer the best power and handy products, but actually, they send subpar quality products. Despite satisfying its customers, its management section doesn’t pay heed to their issues and has nothing to do with its solution.

All these issues declare the sear the worse tools brand, you should avoid.

2. Snap-On

Snap-on was founded in 1920 by an engineer in Milwaukee. Initially, it was a wrenches company dealing in interchangeable sockets. Gradually, it started to manufacture a wide range of devices and tools.

Now it’s a leading company that manufactures motor or automotive tools and heavy equipment. These tools look aesthetically pleasing but the performance is not as per the standard. Their power tools offer a concise warranty, just 2-4 years.

Additionally, their customer service is also dissatisfied many customers. Plus, they manufacture expensive tools with worthless performance. Therefore, don’t waste your time, effort, and money buying and using underrated tools and devices.

3. Kimo

Kimo power tools are an excellent choice for those tight on budget. Kimo is a German brand famous for manufacturing cordless or corded power tools.

Although Kimo’s power tools are budget-friendly, you have to sacrifice battery time to opt for them. According to verified customer reviews on Amazon, the Skim power tools are short on battery.

The short battery life would be frustrating while in your busy routine. You must face the discharged battery distortion frequently, many times a day. Avoid opting for this power tool brand to save yourself from this hassle.

4. Popomen By TECCPO

TEECPO is a newly emerged brand famous for its power tools. Within a short passage of time, it has become a reputable brand in the tech industry.

It also launched a new cordless tool brand Popomen. But the customers are not so happy with the quality of Popoman. Their battery is neither reliable nor durable enough to stay for a long time. They would perform average for small projects but are unsuitable for heavy-duty projects. If you want to get a future-proof tool or device that would be perfect for DIY projects or commercial-level tasks, you should avoid this worse power tool brand.

5. Skil

Edmond Michel and Joseph Sullivan founded the Skil power tool in 1972. Initially, they manufactured the saws; later, they were motivated to make drills, sanders, and other power tools.

The company faced many changes in ownership and management. Now the customers complain about the lower material quality and battery timings as well. The customer support service of Skil is also not satisfactory, which is the leading cause of their downfall.

They offer a very short warranty over batteries and other tools. So, it’s not worth the price, although they charge the lowest than other brands. You should not prefer quantity over quality.

6. Tacklife

Tacklife is a newborn power tool brand founded in China in 2015 by a tech group. They have been producing premium-quality products at the lowest price points of its competitors. They manufacture a wide range of power tools, including drills, hammer drills, routers, sanders, and saws.

Despite their efforts, Tacklife is failed to manage the affordability and functionality side by side. The price notes of these products must attract you, but you can save your wallet at the loss of performance.

Additionally, customers are dissatisfied with the long wait for their replacing and repairing tools. The customer care management also failed to gain the trust of their customers. Overall. It’s one of the worst power tool brands you should avoid.

7. Craftsman

Craftsman was formed by Arthur Barrows in Chicago 90 years ago in 1927. Craftsman is considered a trustworthy brand in the tech industry that manufactures a wide range of power tools such as drills, routers, sanders, etc.

Although the Craftsman has enjoyed the most reputed position among its competitors for many years, unfortunately, it‘s been facing criticism from the users. Customers complain about low-quality tool that lacks durability and warranty.

Usually, the Craftsman gives a 1-2 year warranty on defective components and workmanship. Customers also face difficulties replacing and receiving the repairing from its customer support management. To avoid such a frustrating situation, avoid going for such the worst quality power tool brand.

3 Best Power Tool Brands You Should Consider

By avoiding the worse power tool brand, you should

1. Bosch

Bosch is the premium quality power tool brand that is overwhelmed the tech industry and stands out from the crowd. It was established in 1886 by Robert Bosch. From the past few decades till now, it has maintained its level by manufacturing and supplying premium quality power tools around the globe. Due to its best tools, customers trust it. That’s why the Bosch tools, whether corded or cordless, along with powerful batteries, are top-rated due to outstanding customer support services.

2. Makita

Makita is an industry-leading power tool brand founded a century ago, in 1915. It has been manufacturing a wide range of power tools to fulfill the needs of DIYers and professionals. Its tools are power efficient and have durable build quality. Along with its structural goodness, it also offers long-lasting quality through a prolonged warranty.

3. Dewalt

Dewalt is one of the top-rated brands in the power tool industry. Dewalt is also an old and reliable brand that offers innovative and latest tools that are unrivaled. Its corded and cordless tools have been reigning in the industry. Hobbyists, enthusiasts, or professionals love to opt for the Dewalt. The wide range of power batteries adds to the demand for Dewalt power tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

1- What brand of power tools do pros use?

Pros love to use Bosch, Makita, Milwaukee, and Dewalt due to their high-ended corded or cordless tools specifically made for heavy-duty applications.

2- What is the oldest power tool brand?

A German Company, C & E Fein, made the first power tool by combining the electric motor with a hand drill in 1985.

3- What is a power tool made in America?

Dewalt, Black & Decker, Craftsman, Stanely, Irwin, Milwaukee, and Skil

4- Are German-made power tools good?

Yes. Germany-made power tools are excellent. They are famous for manufacturing high-quality power tools with great precision. The big name in the power tool industry, Bosch and Metabo, are from Germany and well known all around the globe for their reliable, durable, and top-rated power tools.


Power tools can make you feel at ease while working or can also be frustrating if it malfunctions. Therefore, choose the best power tool brand that meets the requirements of small and big projects alike. So, save yourself from the hassle of replacing and returning to the manufacturer, choose the best, and avoid the worst. For your guidance, we have elaborated on the worst power tool brands you should avoid.

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