What is Drill Wobble (Not Spinning Straight) – Fixed It!

drill wobble

Does your drill wobble and not spin straight? This is not an uncommon occurrence. Drill wobbles also called “drill runout,” are frequent problems among DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Fortunately, it can be resolved.  In this blog post, we’ll explore What’s Drill Wobble (Doesn’t Spin Straight)  and how you can fix It yourself with a few … Read more

Ridgid Battery Not Charging – 7 Quick Fixes!

ridgid battery not charging

Ridgid 18V battery revolutionized the power tool industry. The battery-powered tools make your work easier, more convenient, and more mobile than ever. The rigid 18v batteries not only facilitate you to accomplish your tasks but also frustrate you when they are out of order. As with all technology, battery-powered tools can suffer from issues, and … Read more